Benefits & Features

Hakbah is the most comprehensive and integrated app to manage and organize the Jamiya, or as it may know (Savings Groups, Committee, Ayuuto, Chit Fund, or Chits).

Trusted And Verified

All members are verified using their Saudi National ID or Iqama. Must have a valid account in a bank within the Kingdom. Consent and commitment of payment by all members

Super Easy

For Managers, It the easiest solution ever to manage and organize Jamiya and members, thereof, arrange payment turns for subscribers, follow-up payments, and other benefits.

Create New Jamiya In Just 2 Minutes

For Members, It is the best and easiest solution to receive and review invitations to join Jamiya and decide to accept or decline the invitation, as well as to choose the desired month and many other features.

Your Jamiya Is On Your Mobile

Notifications via SMS, Email, and in-App for the important dates and deadlines. Status of your Jamiya and payments and more features and benefits at your fingertips.

Your Jamiya Is On Your Mobile

Your Jamiya Is On Your Mobile

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Flexible Payment Options

Pay directly within the Hakbah App. Pay using any Mada Card issued by a bank in the Kingdom. Receive the fund on your banking account at any bank in Saudi Arabia.

How Hakbah Works

You can create a Jamiya in less than two minutes and invite family and friends you trust from your contact list to join Your Jamiya. Receive the fund on your banking account at any bank in Saudi Arabia.It eliminates embarrassment, tracking, and reconciling payments.

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Is Hakbah secured?

Yes, the app adheres to the Internet Banking Services Security Guide issued by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency. It saves and processes data in servers in Saudi Arabia and it applies the highest standards of protection and compliance such as the ISO27001 certification

What are the current guarantees among the members of the same money circles?

Current guarantees are based on regularity and obligation declarations to payment and personal verification of each member through electronic approval linked with government systems databases.

Is there a payment notice?

Yes, there are payment notifications, as well as account statement for each of your circles.

How do I receive my circle money?

The circle’s amount is deposited directly into your bank account that was previously determined in Hakbah registration phase.

Are there fees for payment processes?

A nominal price of 24 riyals is calculated.

Is Hakbah app legal and licensed?

Yes, Hakbah app is a licensed application that operates within the legislative experimental environment of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, Owned by Noon Hakbah company, it has also successfully graduated from the Financial Technology Accelerator 2019 in DIFC.

How can I pay my circle amount monthly?

You can pay from within the application with Mada Card issued by any bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Do I have to enter the card information every month?

Yes, we do not save card’s data to give you the flexibility to choose the payment card you want every month.

هل التطبيق أمن؟

نعم، التطبيق يلتزم بالدليل الإرشادي لأمن الخدمات المصرفية عبر الإنترنت الصادر من مؤسسة النقد العربي السعودي، وتقوم بحفظ ومعالجة البيانات في خادمات حاسب آلي (سيرفرات) في المملكة العربية السعودية، وتطبق أعلى معايير الحماية والالتزام مثل شهادة ISO27001 .

ماهي الضمانات الحالية بين الأعضاء في الجمعية الواحدة؟

الضمانات الحالية ترتكز على اقرارات الانتظام والالتزام بالدفع والتحقق من الشخصية لكل عضو عن طريق الموافقة الالكترونية بالربط مع قواعد بيانات الأنظمة الحكومية.

هل يوجد اشعار بالدفع؟

نعم، يوجد اشعارات خاصة بالدفع، وكذلك كشف حساب خاص بك لكل جمعية

هل يجب أن ادخل بيانات البطاقة كل شهر؟

صحيح، نحن لا نقوم بحفظ بيانات البطاقة لنعطيك المرونة في اختيار بطاقة الدفع التي تريدها كل شهر.

هل هناك رسوم على عمليات الدفع؟

يتم احتساب سعر رمزي بمقدار ٢٤ ريال

هل تطبيق هكبه قانوني و مرخص؟

نعم، تطبيق هكبه هو تطبيق مرخص يعمل ضمن البيئة التجريبية التشريعية لمؤسسة النقد العربي السعودي، والتطبيق مملوك لشركة نون هكبه، كما أنها تخرجت بنجاح من مسرعة التقنيات المالية 2019 بمركز دبي المالي العالمي

كيف يمكن دفع مبلغ الجمعية الخاص بي شهرياً؟

يمكنك الدفع بواسطة بطاقة مدى صادرة من أي بنك داخل المملكة العربية السعودية من داخل التطبيق.

كيف استلم مبلغ الجمعية الخاصة بي؟

يتم إيداع مبلغ الجمعية مباشرة في حسابك البنكي، والذي تم تحديده مسبقاً عند التسجيل في هكبه وتوثيق الحساب

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