About Hakbah?

What is Hakbah application?

Hakbah App is a Cooperative Saving application for creating, managing, and joining financial Jameyas (associations).

Is Hakbah application legal and licensed?

Yes, Hakbah is a permitted application that works within the regulatory Sandbox environment of the Saudi Central Bank, and the application is owned by Noon Hakbah.

Why should I use Hakbah as an alternative to the traditional financial association?

Simply, for your peace of mind! Hakbah is a comprehensive application for creating, managing, and joining financial associations, completing in-app payments, and receiving in your bank account. We are committed to documenting all users by verifying national identity by linking with government systems databases, agreeing to the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and commitment to paying for all members and approving (Sanad) before the reception of Jameya amount.

Are there conditions for using Hakbah?

The terms of using Hakbah are subject to the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the rules and regulations governing financial transactions between individuals in a way that guarantees their rights, and is in line with the applicable regulations for combating money laundering and Financing Terrorism, and the principle of "know your customer". Therefore, each user must have a valid bank account in one of the operating banks in Saudi Arabia. It is not allowed to use hakbah account on behalf of another person or use a bank account or card of someone else, should have a regular source of income that covers the monthly amount of Jameya, and over 18 years old and under the age of 60 years old.

customers service

You can contact us through the contact form, or through our phone 920033949 or through the email [email protected] we will be replying in a maximum of 5 days. Knowing that our workdays are from Sunday to Thursday from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm except for holidays. Please, make sure to put your (full name, phone number, and email) that is used in the app to serve you better.

Where is the company?

Based in Riyadh.

Safety and Legal safeguards

Is the app safe?

Yes, Hakbah application abides by the guidelines for the security of Internet banking services issued by the Saudi Central Bank, and it saves and processes data in computer servers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and applies the highest standards of protection and compliance, such as the ISO27001 certificate.

What are the current guarantees between members in the same Jameya?

The current guarantees are based on the regularity declarations, the commitment to pay, and the verification of the identity of each member through electronic approval in connection with the databases of government systems. Also, issuing electronic Sanad for each member.

Can we trust the members?

The account of all members of Jameya is authenticated by verifying the national identity or residence of all users through Yaqin service from Alam Company (linked to the National Information Center - Absher), and entering the public assemblies requires approval of the terms and conditions and a commitment to pay, and on executing bonds for an order (enforced service). from the Ministry of Justice.

Is there a guarantee that members will pay?

Hakbah makes effort to verify the eligibility and commitment of each member but does not guarantee that members will not default.

Register – data and privacy

Who has the right to register and create an account in Hakbah?

Any citizen or resident of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, over the age of 18 and under the age of 60, has an active bank account in one of the banks operating in the Kingdom, and owns a debit card (Mada).

What are the requirements to create an account in Hakbah?

The user must be a citizen or resident in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a valid national ID/residency, over the age of 18 and under the age of 60, has an active bank account in one of the banks operating in the Kingdom and agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy, as well as acknowledging the regularity and committing to pay. Also, agreeing on Electronic Sanad.

Why don’t you accept under the age of 18 I have business and money?

Sorry, Jameya is linked with other members, statutory declaration, and Electronic Sanad that should have the proper legal age.

Why does Hakbah need (customer information form)?

Hakbah requests Know Your Customer (KYC) information and verify the identity of the client by the regulations of the Saudi Central Bank, the Anti-Money Laundering Law, and its Implementing Regulations, and any failure or inaccurate disclosure leads to an explicit violation that calls for account ban or restriction of access to Hakbah services, in addition to any legal obligations. Hakbah reserves the right, at any time, to take all relevant steps and actions necessary to ensure compliance and adherence to all relevant and applicable Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.

What if I provide false or inaccurate information in the customer information form?

If Hakbah discovers that the information provided by the customer is incorrect, false or misleading, Hakbah reserves the right to terminate the customer’s account at any time and close it, with or without notice. Termination by Hakbah will be effective immediately or as specified in the notice issued by Hakbah. Termination of Customer's Account will include disabling Customer's access to the Application, whether for a specified or indefinite period.

Should I provide a Salary Certificate?

Hakbah reserves the right to request any data or proof of income (for example, salary certificate by the Chamber of Commerce), bank account statement for a specified period, etc., and if there is no response, Hakbah reserves the right to exclude the member from the Jameya and permanently or temporarily ban his account from the platform.

Payment and receipt

How can I pay my Jameya amount monthly?

You can pay with (Apple Pay) or any (Mada) card issued by any bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the application.

Do I have to enter the card details every month?

Yes, we do not save the card details to give you the flexibility to choose the payment card you want each month.

How do I receive my Jameya amount?

The amount of Jameya is deposited directly into your bank account after the payments of all members is completed, within a maximum of 3 days. To transfer the amount to your account, you must accept Sanad.

Is there a notice of payment?

Yes, there are payment notices, as well as your account statement for each Jameya.

When should I pay for my Jameya?

You must pay on Jameya due date. Any exceeding of the due date will result on starting the necessary procedures (for example: excluding the member and claiming the Sanad). Hakbah also provides the possibility of pre-payment of the next cycle to facilitate the members and ensure their payment before the due date.

What is the period for depositing the amount to the beneficiary in Jameya?

If the payments from the members are completed and the financial settlements by the bank are completed, the amount will be deposited within a maximum of 3 days.

The payment is manual or is the amount withdrawn from my bank account when it is due for receipt?

You can pay with (Apple Pay) or any (Mada) card issued by any bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the app. You can also pay at any time after the start date of Jameya. We do not withdraw the amount from your bank account.

If I want to pay early for the next month, can I do that?

To make it easier for members, the payment for the next month will be opened as soon as the previous payment is completed. You can pay from today to the due date of Jameya (next month) whenever you want.

Can I register a bank account in the name of another person (relative or friend)?

It is not allowed at all and requires an account ban. Each client must be the real beneficiary of Hakbah account without authorization or on behalf of a third party.

Can an e-wallet account be used for payment or receipt?

We apologize, you can only pay with any Mada card, and the transfer to bank accounts with one of the banks operating in Saudi Arabia only.

Does Hakbah pay if a member defaults?

Hakbah claims and collects the amount from the customer and then pays to the beneficiary, has the right to assess the situation, either to dissolve the Jameya and return the amounts and fees paid by customers to their accounts or to complete the Jameya as it is.


Is there a registration fee?

No, registration in Hakbah is completely free.

is there any service fees?

Yes, the service fees starts from 99 riyals as a one-time inclusive fee for joining the Jameya. Includes all services such as Sanad, verification, tax, payments, administrative fees, and others.

Do all members have to pay fees?

Yes, every member in the Jameya should pay fees before joining.

If I paid Jameya fees, then I canceled/left Jameya, is there a refund?

There is no refund in case of canceling or leaving Jameya by a member. Fees will be refunded if Public Jameya was deleted automatically from the system when the due date has come, and the members were uncompleted. Sanads will be closed too automatically.

When will the fees be refunded?

If you are eligible for a refund, it will be deposited into your bank account within 14 working days.

Is it required to use Sanad or is it optional?

Participation in Jameya requires the acceptance of Sanad. It can be delayed until the month of your receipt, but no amount will be transferred to your account until you agree to it.

If I do not accept Sanad?

You will be disqualified from Jameya, your account will be banned from entering a new Jameya for up to 6 months for violating the terms and conditions, and fees paid are non-refundable.

Do I have to pay fees?

The Customer shall pay the Service Fee that is stipulated in “Hakbah” platform in the form and manner described for such payment. Hakbah has the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, increase, or reduce the service fees from time to time with duly notifying the customer. Hakbah is committed to announcing changes to the services available in many ways such as, but not limited to, through applications, websites, newspapers, text messages, marketing brochures and social media.

If I want to withdraw from Jameya, are the fees refunded?

Fees are non-refundable in case of withdrawal, cancellation, or default.

Public Jameyas (associations)

Can I join public Jameya?

Yes, public Jameyas are now available in the in-app Marketplace. You can browse the available Jameyas and choose one of them to join or create a new Jameya and request its conversion to be a public Jameya.

Who is responsible for managing Public Jameya?

Public Jameyas are completely managed by Hakbah.

What is the minimum and maximum amount that can be subscribed to?

Currently, the lowest is 300 riyals and the highest is 5,000 Saudi riyals per month, and we periodically review the maximum amounts within our work in the legislative experimental environment of the Saudi Central Bank.

How long is the assembly and how many people can be invited?

Currently, the shortest period is 4 months, and the maximum period is 12 months for 12 members, where one person is accepted as a beneficiary for each month, and we periodically review the duration of Jameya on an ongoing basis within our work within the legislative experimental environment of the Saudi Central Bank.

Can I book my order?

We do not guarantee or book orders for Public Jameyas, order selection according to the antecedence.

How do I create a public Jameya by defining my order and choosing the amount I want?

It is possible to create a Jameya and request to convert it into a public one by activating the “Convert to Public Jameya” button when creating it, provided that 2 members should accept the invitation to convert it.

How do I invite others to join Jameya?

There is an option to share Jameya’s link in Jameya details.

Is it possible to participate in more than one Jameya?

No, you can only participate in one Jameya.

Is it possible to see the members of Public Jameya?

No, you can only see the first name of the members. All members of Hakabah are certified by Absher (Saudi Central Bank).

If I can't get the required number for the Public Jameya, what will happen?

You can send more invitations to your contact list or share Jameya link,, and if the required number is not reached, Jameya will be automatically canceled, and the fees will be refunded within 11 working days. You cannot create Public Jameya for 3 months after canceling your previous Jameya for lack of completion. It is only possible to create a private association or join other public Jameya.

Private Jameya

How can I join a private Jameya?

Jameya manager is the one who creates Jameya and sends invitations from his contact list. If someone invites you, you will receive an in-app invitation to accept, or from in-app notifications. Private Jameya specifically targets family and friends.

What is the division of members within the Jameya?

There is a Jameya Manager who creates it, and there are members who are invited by the manager.

Is it possible for anyone to be a Jameya manager?

Yes, Jameya manager is the person who creates Jameya and invites friends to join.

Does the manager only pay the fees in private Jameya, or all members

Every member in the Jameya should pay the service charge before joining.

How do I invite others to join a private Jameya?

From your contact list, you invite people you know and trust, whether they are family, friends, or colleagues.

Is it possible to participate with more than one Jameya?

No, you can only participate for one month and one Jameya.

How do I choose my turn in Private Jameya?

The manager of Jameya can pre-select the orders of the members when he/she invites them. If he/she did not select that, the invited person can simply choose the available order.


Is it possible to switch my order with another member after the beginning of Jameya?

Sorry, it can’t be.

I Joined a Jameya and chose my order, but I want to leave because I found a better slot in another Public Jameya?

Sorry, this is not possible and may result in non-refundable fees and/or suspension of the account for a specified period.


What is the Electronic Sanad?

It is a service provided by the Ministry of Justice that obliges all members to issue an electronic order voucher to ensure payment and preserve the rights of all individuals, with a non-refundable administrative fee (99 SAR). For more information (here)

Should Sanad be accepted?

Yes, the issuance of an electronic (executed Promissory Note) must be approved when joining Jameya, provided that it is issued and approved upon the date of your payout. If the member refuses to accept Sanad or delays accepting it after the due date of his monthly payment, he will be directly excluded and blocked from "Hakbah", and he will bear the fees and any operational losses or damage caused as a result.

When is the Sanad issued? How much is it? And when is it due?

When is the Sanad issued? How much is it? And when is it due?

When is Sanad claimed?

Hakbah claims Sanad amount after the customer is late in paying on the due date. Hakbah may give the customer extra days at its discretion before the delay in payment.

When is Sanad canceled?

Sanad will be automatically canceled after the completion of Jameya when the member pays all monthly amounts within five working days. Sanad is also canceled automatically after Jameya is canceled for lack of members, or by Hakbah management within five working days.

How the claim of the Sanad is calculated after the default on the due date?

Example: Monthly amount: 3,000 SAR Duration: 6 months Receipt amount: 15,000 SAR (without your monthly payment) Jameya total amount: 18,000 SAR Sanad amount: 21,000 SAR If the Jameya amount was received by the customer and he defaults immediately in the following month, the Sanad amount (21,000 SAR) is claimed. As the claim is for the full amount of the Sanad minus the amounts paid within the application.

Why is the Sanad amount higher than the Jameya total amount?

The Sanad is issued for the full value of the total Jameya amount, plus an administrative fee amount equal to the amount of one monthly payment. The value of the administrative fees is deducted and collected only if the customer fails to pay the monthly payment on the due date specified in the Jameya. If the customer is committed to pay and the Jameya ends, the Sanad is automatically canceled from the system.

Is it possible to request a grace period for the execution of the bond?

Sorry, this is not possible. The payment is made directly through the Najiz platform.

Closing or Banning the Client’s Account

Does Hakbah have the right to ban, suspend or suspend my account?

Hakbah shall reserve the right to suspend or discontinue Hakbah Services either completely or partly, or ban, restrict or terminate the account or suspend the use of any activation code at its discretion, at any time and without any liability to the Customer in the following cases:

  • If Hakbah has a reason to believe that the account of the customer which is used to obtain the services of Hakbah platform is being used other than what was disclosed or used in illegal activities.
  • If any regulatory, governmental, specialized, or other similar authority initiates an investigation or takes regulatory, administrative, or executive actions against the customer or any other act that Hakbah believes may harm the corporate image of Hakbah.
  • If the customer does not comply with the terms, regulations, or instructions related to the use of the services of “Hakbah” platform, including the terms of use.
  • If no Jameya has been established or joined within a full one year from the beginning of the account.
  • Upon receiving a request from the client to close the account. When the customer wants to close his account, he can do so through the application or submit this to the Customer Care Department, provided that the account is not associated with any financial obligations for the benefit of the members of the associations in which the customer has subscribed or for the benefit of Hakbah and its services.
  • Due to technical malfunctions, modification, upgrade, change, transfer, repair, or maintenance due to any emergency or any technical reasons.
  • For any suspected violation of the rules, regulations, orders, instructions, and notices issued by the Saudi Central Bank from time to time or for any violation of the terms and conditions mentioned in this document.
  • If Hakbah has a reason to believe that termination/suspension is necessary for its sole discretion.
  • Repeated incorrect entry attempts.
  • Attempts to hack the application using customer data.
  • Hakbah shall reserve the right to ban or suspend the account for a specified period or permanently in cases of withdrawal from the association or cancellation (see Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Infringement of the word on the company or its employees

What happens in case of the customer's death?

A customer's account is his privilege during his lifetime. In case of the client's death, the remaining balance will be the privilege to his legal heirs as well as the claims. This will become legally effective after his legal heirs submit a valid death certificate to the Customer Service Centre.

What are the cases of Banning / Suspension or Freezing the Account After Joining the Financial Associations?

Hakbah has the right to ban, freeze the customer's account, restrict his access, or create a new Jameya in cases such as:

  • Withdrawing from Jameya.
  • Deleting Jameya after the creation
  • Default in payment on the due date
  • Infringement of the word on the company or its employees
  • legal procedures

    If a member did not pay, what action is taken?

    After following up with the client, and if there is a failure, default, or refusal to pay, Hakbah has the right to take what guarantees its rights and the legal and financial rights of the members. The procedures include:

    • Request to implement the payment with the Ministry of Justice, which may include procedures such as:
      • Preventing the port against him from traveling
      • Suspending the issuance of power of attorney from the executor against him in the money and what devolves to it
      • Credit Information Registration Notice (SIMA)
      • Executive seizure of the money of the executor against him in the Central Bank
      • Seizure of the real estate of the executor against him
      • Seizure of the money and shares of the executor against him in the Capital Market Authority
      • Transferring the seized amount in the Central Bank
      • Disclosure of the real estate of the executor against him
    • Ban him from using the platform for a full year.

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